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Hello, my name is Evie Ewing.  I run Louthllamatrekking. I started this business in December 2019. I started Louthllamatrekking because I want to inspire young people to become more engaged with society and step up and be more independent. I also started the business to bring joy to the community and to bring new animal experiences to children. 


My favourite part is seeing the children hug and smile at the llamas as they leave, it is the most warming feeling to see people enjoying life and having fun.

Covid-19 has taught us all something new, how to cope with our mental health and how to stay fit.

This is why Louthllamatrekking is so important to the Louth community. it gives people a chance to go outside and become more active in lock-down life. 

An hours walk a day up Julian bower, across the public footpath, brings you straight to the field where the llamas live. 

The llamas are calm peaceful animals that help improve mental health and peace within us all. 

My family have 9 llamas in total. each unique and different characteristics. each person gels with a llama and bonds throughout the walk. 

fun facts along the way and if you need help we are always here.

My Father - Stuart Ewing and my mum - Melanie Ewing, have helped me along the way and are stood by my side supporting me.

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